something I have lost forever
when I walked out the hospital alone;
without you trailing and slowing down my pace,
for a minute I was lost
then for decades and all the years that I breathe I never found myself;
i lived in absolute blur and despair.
often I get told I engage in coversations in my sleep,
it was probably in one of those dreams ,
you appear to me.
beautiful smile glistening as ever,
your soul as pure as the whitest shade of white,
that was the only time I ever felt alive.
i shook
i faltered
i crumbled
i crept
i crawled
but I never stood up ever.
I lost the most precious time of my life
I spent my whole life grieving for it
for you
for us
now that it’s just me and the shadows that hides somewhere in dark
i love you with all my heart

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