[ CW ] Let's Go To The End With Me
This is a blackout poem, made from the message I wrote for my ex-boyfriend to as an explanation to break up with him.

CW : unhealthy relationship, mention of abuse.


It would be best for both of us if we broke up
The dynamic is both our ends

You're still very much / create / unhealth
( Me having more power than you
you undue pleasing me. )

This isn't a flaw on your end. It is unhealthy.

I also feel / I am scared about my sex
and you are reliant on it for affection

You want something more heirarchal than I can give you.

I just don't know what want is
This is motivated by guilt, absolute.

I am sorry to be doing this to you.
I am confirming every bit of abandonment / abuse / relationship trauma

Regardless of a pattern, it's not all you're going to experience.

I don't have the guts to talk to you about any of this.

I don't know what I want, so I leave.

© CarmeFormIhn