Rainy Days🌧️🌦️⛈️☔
If you ask me about my favourite weather ,
What do you think I'll be saying?
Definitely I'll be saying Rainy.
I don't know how you relate to this weather
But, my inner state have a lot of similarities
To this weather.

The change in atmosphere it makes
Is kind of drowsy,
But how can I tell you ,that's all it takes
To be a low key.

Being all cozy in bed
Sipping tea reading book
Is kinda heavenly feeling.

Do you also likes it to be rainy
For, like me are you too gloomy?
Who knows!
I haven't asked about it to you, right?

But anyway rainy days are my kinda weather.
I don't know how it will feel
To be in this weather in a different country
But as of now, in my place
I love rainy days
For I love this gloomy me. ❤️

© 🐳Praveena🌌✨️