Unspoken Love
He's my type, that's clear to see,
But I'm not his, it's just not meant to be.
He loves the girls with dimples and grace,
While I'm different, in a different space.

I admire him for who he truly is,
His ideal type, I know, I'm not in this.
A girly girl, older, with that radiant smile,
I'm the opposite, yet I've waited a while.

My feelings, like a storm, I can no longer hide,
They've grown too strong, I can't push them aside.
It pains me to know he's not meant for me,
But I'll let it out in this poem, set it free.

I like him the way he is, without a doubt,
But his heart's elsewhere, I must find a way out.
Though my prayers were whispered, heartfelt, and sincere,
Love's whims can be cruel, my heart sheds a tear.

I'll cherish what we had, even if it was one-sided,
For unspoken love, at least I tried it.
He's my type, but I'm not his, it's clear,
In this bittersweet truth, I'll persevere.
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