A little Something At Night
Everyone needs a little something at night,
A whisper of peace as stars take flight.
And time drift by under the silent sky
Not only to plan, but also to believe,
In those moments of calm before we leave
The waking world for realms unknown,
Where thoughts and fears are overthrown.

Everyone needs a little something at night,
even just a soft gentle light.
Before we drift of to sleep, a pillow to squeeze tight.
Maybe a prayer in those quiet momen, to help ease the mind,
With a tender embrace of a loving kind.

A book to read, or a song to hear,
A dream to chase without any fear.
Cause during those moments as the sun and moon kiss.
Nothing is more important than reconnecting with our bliss.

Except, a gentle hand, a lullaby sweet,
A blanket warm for our tired feet.
A memory dear, a hope held tight,
To guide us through the quiet and lingering night.
For its in the dark, where we find our light,
So, everyone needs a little something at night!!


© Nicole 🍒 JoMoRo