Me one and me too
I exist

I also exist

Am I the me that I see
Or am I the me other me sees

My mind and I are two separate beings
I, for one, like people and have feelings
My mind in the other hand does not

I co-exist with my polar opposite
Yet we always come to agreement
My mind knows how to lead me
Although she believes in nihilism
She believes there is no actual point

I speak for her while her voice is quiet
But she tells me what to say
Most the time I see the damage
We cause distress
I Don't want to
But she sees things more clearly than me
She is omniscient
I am a pawn in my own game

Together we create
In unison we breathe
We are one
I step down for her
She is my base, my foundation
The ground of which I stand from
The deepest core of my being
I am weak, I feel
She is strong because she thinks
Without her, I would falter
My mind is built like a fortress
And when I die
She will continue to occupy someone else

© Envelope Penelope