Adios Amigos
I look at the mirror and I see the frame.
Then I ask mysel, if this is not Fauzy , then who am I .
People have made so many stories about me and I can't even recognize me.
I look at the people I have lost, then I realize.
Some for truth and some for the lies.
There is no real one till you roll the dice.

I have lost so many people.
I have lost so many things.
To some, in their eyes I was evil.
To my treasures, things were uncertain.
The truth hurts, yet I spoke it.
The lies became so much ,it broke we.
Pure as I am they couldn't flow with my tide.
On the boat, I waved them a tidal bye.
The fakes , the reals.
The memories , the reels.
Good bye dear ones

©Mohammed FAUZAN
© fauzy