I was born a hero, a champion indeed
unable to verbalize ancient memories
I surely died upon a battlefield, for I emerged from the womb still fighting.
I grew and learned to speak but would choose the wisdom of silence.
my troubles pursued me into this new world, causing me to be violent.
the gods looked upon my dilemma with Divine compassion
knowing on my own I would not survive so they bestowed their protection.
the love of the great mother God brought envy and hatred upon me.
my warrior Spirit became aroused and my years of youth filled with battles.
my enemies experienced my might, and would join forces out of spite.
my spirit condemned cowardice so fleeing was no option. they concealed their fears of me under the cover of the groups who Rose against me.
I, Abiola fearlessly marched on the territories of the ones whom I served vendetta.
I became a threat with cowardly allies at my side. Yet still, I fought alone.
those who committed the dishonorable act of betrayal fled from the two foot blade I pursued them with. cowards concealed themselves within their homes as I waited patiently to strike.
my parents looked upon me as a problem and so did my educators.
I've left permanent scars on those who felt my wrath, causing them to never forget me.
I, abiola would many times escape the grip of death, the multiple attempts on my life yet I never broke a sweat. spiritual curses placed upon me but with time they did regret.
for the gods brought misfortune upon them, the work of Eshu, Oshun and Auset
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