In the gentle wisper of winds caress,
There lies a love that knows no bounds,
A beacon of warmth , a guiding light,
In the embrace of a mother's heart , it's found.

She weaves a tapestry of love and care,
With threads of wisdom a compassion rare,
Each word a melody , each touch a prayer,
A masterpiece of love beyond compare.

In her eyes , a universe of dreams,
In her touch , a healing balm it seems,
Her presence a sanctuary , a timeless stream,
A mother's love , a poet's sweetest theme.

Through every trial , every joy and tear,
She stands strong , a pillar ever near,
In her arms , we find solace and cheer,
A mother's love external sincere.

So let us raise our voices high,
In gratitude for the love that never dies,
For a mother's heart , a sacred tie,
A poetry that soars beyond the skies.