She is Her!
She has 2 lives; the lived life & the un-lived within her.

She's demon & angel. Her life's event is encapsulated in tragic-comedy, bittersweet-tales, broken & unbroken being, she's inter-woven, intertwined into darkness & light, wrestling principalities and powers.

Many times, she's the living-dead, burning in heaven's-hell, an untainted beauty - but still tainted with sore and blemish in burning flames.

She's feared & admired, reverenced and revered,the burnt-unburnt dragon queen slayer - but yet slayed by her own demons within.

She's unrivaled in glorious triumph but wanes in her own pull of self defeats. Her weakness and strength are intrinsic, inherent and inate.

She's everything & nothing. She's angel & demon. She lives in 2 worlds, intertwined into one being, one soul, one body.

She is going to heaven, yet she's going the other way!
She's is inseparable!
She is HER!

© jk ✍️