I I I : Investigation, Interrogation, Inference.
I initiate interrogations on inward affairs and worldly affairs.
It imbibes me with imminent informational knowledge; It irks me with irrational imprudences.
I interrogate the ingenuity of the masses upfront ,the outcomes are all over the place, I lament.
I vowed to remain dingus yet I erupt when injustice prevails.
The ever perpetual delusions of us, humans are astonishing.
I admonish myself; I agonize and retract. I iterate. Reiterate.
The unrestful waters of chiding are always calling. Rather luring.
Baseless accusations sets the boat of ire and unruly desire to the lands of dooming.
We never know the loyalties and allegiances of people, who wish for the abysmal dismal of mankind despite wanting to be the peace's disciple.
I loathe such kinds; not the innocent or ignorant. For fact, the hypocrite and despondent.
Altruism is their arch-nemesis.
Chasm deep is their love for chaos.
Their strength lies in their legions; their success in saints' silence.
They can wreak havoc only till they reach Impasse.
An impasse that originates from the swords of words of the vanquished.
Their notorious power rises so much so to be a genuflect in front of those who are enlightened.
Vengeful infernos can be extinguished through rightful indignation.
The ones, who only care about their narrative, neither can attain serenity nor success.
I have three medicines in my Apothecary to protect myself from such subjects.
These pills everyday can keep insanity away.
I-I-I: Investigation, Interrogation, Inference. The Unholy Trinity for these rotten minds and tainted souls.
The ways to acquire these medicines are not in big, fat wallets but in loving, caring hearts.
Love is the ultimate Panacea. The hearts in which Love dwells are where the utopic Atlantis and the magnificent Meluha lies.

🖋️🔏- NeeharikaSharma.
© Influences&Impressions (I&I)

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