Yes Michelle, not mom or momma. You don’t deserve that beautiful title. Real mothers take care of their babies. All we are to you is just free money and government assistance. I mean, you should notice your child getting abused at the age of 5. I don’t remember telling you when it was happening, but would you of given a fuck? Moms don’t shrug off bruises and a depressed, withdrawn baby. For years and years I have given you excuses for your behavior. Blamed myself because you and everyone else made me believe it’s all my fault. I eventually just learned to ignore the bad parenting. You set a good example, didn’t you? I learned the skill of numbing my pain with drugs and sex. Any attention is good attention:) I messed up in life and went to prison. Instead of enabling me you should of guided me. I own up to my mistakes because that’s how you grow. My kids will always know the truth about my past. They will always know that people can change.Mother, you steadily put my the past in my face. is it getting old yet? I’ve changed into a beautiful soul. Where is your change???
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