🪶life by Heppie Leo 🪶

I stood in the yard amidst the wide jasmine garden, finding a place of peace in my mind or maybe I was finding my peace of mind.

I closed my eyes to dive further into my fantasy whilst the pleasant sound of the swallows chirping occasionally filled my ears nicely. The swallows grazed playfully upon the flowers around me ignoring my presence.

I dived into my thoughts about how dynamic and intense life was.

'Life is a wonderful place'
'Life can also be the most terrifying nightmare'
'Life us the best teammate; any battle can be won with Life on one's side'
'Life is also the worst opponent; it's risky when life is against one'

I sighed in satisfaction as the wonderful fragrance of the flowers danced into my nostrils.

'Life is two faced'
'It can either be on one's side or be one's opponent. However, it can be both; it doesn't play by the rules of the game because it is the game'
'friends has 7 letters, so does enemies'
'love has 4 letters, so does hate'
'Good has 4 letters, so does evil'
'cry has 3 letters, so does Joy'
'one don't have to choose. One can't. Life chooses'
'Yes that's not the rules of the game. Will the Sun come and fight for one's sake? Will the world come crashing down for one's justice? No'
'We are nothing but puppets with Its' strings attached to Life's fingers to Life'
'Remember, it is the "game", more like a "gamble"'
'No matter what it offers, always be happy and accept it'
'And if you don't, then what? Remember you're just a mere character in the game'
''learn to accept Life for the game shall end someday'
'Just be happy, embrace life, succumb to Fate'
'Find your peace of mind; it doesn't matter if it's little, a glimmer would do. Develop it!'
'Embrace it's what it brings to the table, it's limited'
'Keep going. Never give up'
'Because one day, the game shall give up on you'
'impact souls'

I smiled as the air grazed upon my skin steadily.

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🪶Heppie Leo
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