Protecting my own peace
It’s hard always thinking of everyone else, when they don’t always worry about me.
So here’s to protecting my own piece.
As someone who observes everything, I find that I’m too aware.
I account for others perspective and emotions even when it leaves my heart bare.
I can’t always be the reason for others to care, I can’t be their only source of sunshine when they leave me in despair.
I know they can’t see all the work I do, they are blind to how hard I try.
All they see in the world from their own eyes.
They forget I have my own perspective, my own turmoils and fears.
I can’t make everyone happy while neglecting myself, it isn’t fair.
So, here’s to protecting my own peace.

I can’t do for others what they won’t do for themselves.
I have to let go of being perfect and learn to be on my own self.
I can’t let them drain me of my own light.
I need my own power to keep up the fight.
I need myself just as much as they do.
I’ve always been my own hero, because there wasn’t anyone else around.
I won’t continue to define myself to people who don’t care to listen.
If they don’t see the vision they can sit back and wait to visit.
I have to be myself first and be what I need,
Or I’ll end up back in my depressed seat.
I dug myself out of the darkness for me.
Not so others could use me or drag me back down.
In this new chapter I’ll focus on me.
Here’s to finally, protecting my own piece.

© BayMay108KKM