Good Old Days
Ob! those days, when worries held no sway,
I danced through life, carefree in every way,
With friends beside, we laughed with spirits high,
No unwanted thoughts, just laughter in the sky.

But now a love has sparked within my heart,
A flame that burns, tearing my world apart,
For she, a vision of ethereal grace,
Stirs feelings deep, a longing I can't erase.

I miss the days when life was light and free,
When nothing else could steal my thoughts from me,
But now her presence haunts my every thought,
A love unrequited, making me fraught.

She seems so far, a distant, unattainable star,
And yet, her memory keeps me bound and scarred,
The more I try to let her go, the more I find
Her image lingering, tormenting my mind.

Oh, how I wish to turn back the hands of time,
To days when I was not a mere mime,
To find the old me, carefree and at ease,
To live once more with laughter and with peace.
But love has altered me, left my heart strained,
For now, I wish to find myself unchained.
© davidsaju