Him (#2)
Have you thought about it?
I gave you 3 months expiration
Are you gonna waste it?
I see no commitments

I remember how it was hell
You were chasing after me
I remember how I turned you down
Once and twice and you got me

Now I am waiting
Your replies and texts
But I see nothing
Is that what you imply?

When you said you love me
When you said you want me
When you said you'd put a ring
Do you actually really mean it?

Now I am lazing around in my bed
I kept checking up on for your texts
Hoping your name pop on my screen
Is it just me missing you this bad?

I am listening to the songs
Tells a story of us
How you'd be chasing me back
or is it just for fucks?

Now it got me in my head
"Damn, fuckboys"
What more could they want
If it is not just the pussy.

© Ve Nu