Poem: Poila Baisakh (1431)
Poem: Poila Baisakh (1431)

The first Baisakh has come again
Today in Bengali's hut
April fourteenth two thousand and twenty-four
Queen of her own heart.

Accept her or not
definite by tomorrow, the detraction
Whether she gives me something or not
24 hours guaranteed as she has for so long.

But she has a lot not only manifestation
Which is your chance to understand
Starts of new solar year, new inspiration
Exuberance of Ravindra Jayanti, 24 days in hand .

After that, she will definitely bring with
Some storms-Garbage remover
This is a great job in 'this time' and age
Then who can avoid their own 'hereafter' ?

14.04.2024.R ( Ist Boisakh 1431)
Writco: 14.04.2024
NB: Heartfelt wishes in Bengali New years day Poila Boisakh .

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