Burning Stakes.
Was it worth it?, the times you smiled,
Knowing that one day,
They would persecute you.

Did you know?, the lies they told,
Malignant concoctions cooked up to hurt you,
The slanderous vulgarities hurled at you,
Was it worth the joys you shared?.

The times they swore loyalty,
Could you tell?, that it was false?,
That their love wasn't true, blatant sycophants they all were,
Perhaps you knew, they never did want you.
Did you allow the favors?, seeking their approval.
Because you thought nobody would keep you.

Did they send lavender flowers?, and kiss your cheek with venom,
You saw the stakes in the backrooms, you saw the fakes at the meal tables,
Was it worth their promised "Inclusivity"?, or did you cry on the inside.
When your smile faded, your use eroded,
They left you to rot, and burned you at the stakes,

Was it worth it?... Clinging onto them so sorely,
Denying their apparent falsehood, tell me.
Did the stakes bring solace?, or did you come to love yourself in your dire moments, as your skin cracked from the flames, did the pain bring you peace?.
Did you sing on the burning stake?.

© MyrninAsterSnow