There's little to no words to describe you.
To describe the strength you carry without boasting ,
To describe the power you possess without pride.
Always with humbling humility you serve without asking.
You are the embodiment of phenomenal and grace.
Your selflessness is without bounds, it sometimes drives me mad,
And yet it is your most beautiful quality and it humbles me still.
The smile you wear on your face through tribulation and truimph is flawless,
True in every essence of the word and it shines through without fault.
The grandness of your heart fills me with tears of joyful pride,
It holds so much love, care, kindness and genuine affection,
It's a wonder you aren't glowing.
All these words I've written will never be enough to express my truest emotions
Because there's little to no words to describe you.
You are mother, precious and beautiful.
I love you wholeheartedly and without doubt.

© Ayabonga.Xulu