take me to
take me to when I could understand the verses of the brokenhearted, when the scriptures were specifically designed to be understood by relatives.
take me to a time when art had pure definition, to where the painting was the painter and the painter the painting. where I could identify love and its definition withing the material.
take me to where discipline was more than regulation but surpassed its extent to lifestyle.
rewind time and let me inherit the obedience of the young towards elders.
let me be born in the world that has once been cleansed from all its discourteous.
take me to the time when fashion had been true and pure, where the cloths wrapped all the sides and dimensions of her frame, and where the respect had been seen by the blinded individuals.
take me to the time when inappropriate language had been restricted in some households.
take me to a place where quality was found within the pages rather than the quantity of its price or weight.
and take me back to when music had excessive meaning rather than a couple of words which were offending to some people.

© JansenB