childhood memories
#WritcoPoemPrompt49 @AtulPurohit

In the days of slate and chalk's delight,
When skies were vast, and days so bright,
We'd sketch our dreams on dusty ground,
In playgrounds where our laughter resound.

With every stroke, a story spun,
Of evils slain and battles won,
In lines and loops, our worlds took shape,
Where endless adventures we'd happily drape.
We learnt to write our first alphabets
and our writing looks like snakes , and it was very funny.
Those chalky days, they taught us well,
To dream and wonder, to weave and spell,
In simple joys, we found our bliss,
In childhood's realm, where memories kiss.

So let the slate of time reveal,
The tales we wrote, with chalk so real,
For in those days, we learned to see,
The magic in simplicity.
© Xyndrax_vylorn