Live Your Life
The Seasons, Comes & Goes!
Life's Moments Changes
Every Next Minute
But It Won't Comes Back!
That's The Life.
A Seed Takes Ages, To Grow!
Like That Human Beings Thinking
To Understand Their Life!
That's Called Maturity.
Learn To Accept The Changes
Learn To Live The Life!
Everything Not By Us,
Everything Not For Us.
If Something Is There,
It's Our Life, With Us.
Live It For Yourself
Live It For Your People!
Love Is Beautiful
But The Life Is Amazing!
Never Let Your Life, Feel Sad By you,
Fight For Your Rights
Never Fight For Seperation.
Never Disappoint Your Life
For Whatever Happens,
Because Life Is Living For You!
Love. Live. Laugh.
Just Be Happy
© AgonyAlone