Beauty of Mother Earth...
Thrilled by the beauty of Earth's landforms
Captivating is the creation in nature's arms.

We feel more alive,while breathing fresh air
Embracing fragrance of soil,a peaceful flair.

Belonging we feel ,walking barefoot on land
Feet touches the teeny-tiny particles of sand.

Magestic peaks elevated,heart Smiling in zeal
Those view of mountains,a wholesome feel.

They are crown of the Earth,raising so high
Overstretching thier arms to boundless sky.

From here..a free flowing stream takes birth
Gradually comes down,nourishing the Earth

Crops like jewels shining all over the field
Flowers in the garden,how lovely appealed.

Your blessings mother nature,we got so more
We bow down in your feet, thanking galore.

© Pri Poetry 💫