I’m not goin to cheat on you…

I’m not goin to cheat on you…

I’m not goin to cheat on you…
I don’t want to…
Why would I want to do that?
Do I think I’m lyin?
You don’t trust me?
Gave me a look
And I almost cry….

You’re tellin me
I don’t deserve you
If I break your heart,
You would leave me
You won’t forgive me…

It’ll be the end of us…

When I show you
When I say this,
You would think twice…

Rumors could go around
You might believe them
You might change your mind about me
Thinkin I’m a flirt…
I can’t commit

You feel like
My love is fake
All this sweet talk
Pillow talk
Is just words…
I can hear you say, whatever…

And my feelings will hurt…

I can tell you somethin,
I’m not my father
I’m not a homewrecker
I ain’t takin any sins
Fuck no,

When I fuckin love you
I mean that shit….

But if you don’t believe me,
Then leave…since you think
I’m disloyal to you and you believe
Everybody said that I’m a player
Go fuck yourself….

Cos I’ve been lookin for real love
Throughout my life…
I’ve been lookin for redamancy
Have you ever heard of that word before?
Two people love each other….

And if we can’t have that,
There’s no commitment….
The guts might tell me you and
Rumors got secrets behind my back

Sayin I will cheat on you…
I will flirt with another guy…
I will play games

I’m only with you….

I’m not my father
He cheated with a young coworker
Told me to keep a secret from my mom
When we were in his car

It was in New York….

Ya best dad of the year…

I don’t wanna be like him..

I don’t wanna cheat on you..
I’m not goin to..
But if you don’t trust me
Then bye….

Even if the rumors are true,
You might walk away….
🤬😢😡💔💯©️ Kai C. 2-22-24

© Kai C..