Why am I here?
Icy heart with frosting, nerves having a merry-go-round moment
Sane minds? They're my regular source of queasiness
Smooth sailing through the seas of life, yet my mind decides it's a raucous carnival
A traffic jam of thoughts, where life's GPS seems to be on a rebellious joyride

Supposed to be jet-setting somewhere else, but oh no, destiny has me anchored here
Exhaustion creeping in, as I hop aboard the express train to the land of madness
It's like ice in my veins, playing tag with my senses
Sane folks, my personal flu – a nauseating connection on repeat
Everything may seem cool, but my mind's on an exhilarating rollercoaster ride
A maze of thoughts, like a labyrinth I can't escape, inhibiting the supposed calm

I'm the unexpected guest at the party of now, where I wasn't even on the invite list
Tired, dragging my feet through the chaotic dance of reality, embracing the insanity
© camvickbone