Love Speaks
I will love you, my darling.
As I have from day one.
You've stolen my heart,
No going back, it's done.
I know the limits
That stand in the way.
I will love you, my darling.
Forever and a day.
It's hard to fulfill a love like ours.
I have only hopes and dreams.
I know that they will never come true,
But it isn't as bad as it seems.
I will love you, my darling.
My heart aches to show you more.
The heart Knows No boundaries,
But my mind knows there's a door.
Know my darling that you are Loved,
Within the limits that you set.
This is a line I'll never cross,
It's something I'll never forget.
I do feel lost and lonely sometimes,
But it's not you that I blame.
It's the selfishness I have within myself,
To allow myself this pain.
The Pain of what I'm speaking,
Is caused by nothing you've done.
It's just because I'm lonely.
Thoughts and emotions I have spun.
You've given me more, in six short months,
Than I've had in all my life.
I wouldn't be who I am today,
If I had just let you slip by.
Just know you mean the world to me,
And to you, I cannot lie.
I'll love you forever my darling,
Till the very day I die.

© Kristin E. Porter