Lost in the Hush
In the quiet moments of being alone, tears fall steadily,
A heart weighed down by troubles, carrying sadness and pain.
Soft crying sounds fill the empty room,
A soul feeling lost, searching for comfort and peace.

Why do the tears keep coming, like a flowing river?
Is it loneliness, rejection, or unresolved wounds?
Lost in the unknown, full of fear and doubt,
Feeling overwhelmed, unable to find a way out.

Cry, dear heart, what burdens do you bear?
What dreams are dimming, what hopes filled with despair?
Is there a path to healing, a guide through the night?
Or must you wander, lost, without sight?

Where does the journey end, when will you be free?
Will you find a hand to guide you, a soul to see?
In the quiet of your pain, what will you discover?
Is there a place of peace, waiting to recover?