The Consumer
TW: violent language

You can rent studios in the great recycler,
Processing morphemes, data, molecules and more!
Need a new paint or a new canvas,
Get one for free if you buy one “degree”!

- Sold-out, you scummy needer.
Nothing original so it is best to sit-it consumer.
The instant reels of pleasure.
The infinite leisure. The scrolling insanity.
Personality influenced by the viewing limit
On what a human ought to be,
Behaviour pre-generated by another.
You must be this, that or the other.
A cutter upper. A good looker. A f**k-her upper.
Forbidden to taste the golden platter,
Rusting with your little scrappy matter.

- Well, you are right! I am a purger of the old,
Of what is older than gods.
What I purge, I papier-mâché
to new dimensions – 3D.
What I transcend, I abstract, I imitate,
For others to take down and remould.
A churning machine of rot and renewal.
Into a black hole, creation holds hands with vomit.

© Eva Irvine