Love Is Not A Game
Love is not a game

You once said,
"I will win your heart."
And you too lost the same,
But I told you that
Love is not a game.

We both truly became
each other's part,
When we cried together
with a synchronized heart.

We both won,
no one to blame,
Because I know that
Love is not a game.

Even during life's difficult part,
Neither me nor you became apart.

We loved, hugged and
whispered each other's name,
We always remained the same,
Because I know that
Love is not a game.

But now,
You have lost that "spark,"
Our lives's paths are ready to depart.
Now, I am not that significant.
Once your rainbow,
now I am the color black and dark.

You are mad behind the glamor
and the worldly fame,
Once your pride,
now I am your shame.
But one thing I surely know that
Love is not a game.

I don't know whether
You want to continue or cheat.
I don't know how you will treat?

Not in your heart,
But in your forgotten dreams,
at least,
Will you keep my name or delete?
But I am definite.
That in my heart,
I will always keep your seat.

Intertwined with my soul,
Your love has suffused deep inside my core.
Don't know about yours,
But for having you in my life,
I always kept my heart grateful and pure.

My love is beyond win or lose.
For me, both are the same.
Because I know that
Love is not a game.

with all my heart and soul,
I proudly proclaim.
Even beyond eternity,
Every beat of mine will always call your name.
Don't worry,
I will even treasure
all of your atrocities and
all of your blame.
Because I know that
Love is not just a game.

My love is only for you.
Happened only once,
Will never happen again.
And it's impossible to be the same.
Don't know about yours,
But I am sure that
Mine is the true love,
not a game.

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© AK