A letter to my Limerence
I am no longer your Sun.
Everything went to hell after the fun.
Obsession soured what could have been a true love.

I said, "I love you".
You, to me too.

But at such a ripe time,
without much experience.
How could I say that without sounding delirious?

I almost want to apologize.
For what may be considered wasted time.
To me, you were a lesson.
For you, I am forever the burden.
The one that got away.
The boy that could not be saved.

I came in with sonnets and poems.
I never noticed,
that all my flaws made our relationship hopeless.
Two romantics, burdened by old flames.
Two people whom prevented each other from change.

You grow in faith, now I grow away.

If you were the apple, I was the snake.
Leading you away, from your divine destiny.

I am a sinner, baby.
I am not of your tribe.
I come from a different world.
I should've never colonized your life.

But now I know better, right?
The dark clouds evaporate.
My tears dry as my heart re-opens.
Another lesson awaits.
It could end well or it could begin too late.

There is a part of me that wishes I stayed.

I wanted you to be saved.

Not by the Lord, not by a divine.
But by humanity.
A love that took me so much time to learn.
Even then, when I begged
for you to understand.
To grasp how I placed my heart in your hand.
You groped it, twisted and molded it.
Until I could no longer recognize love.
Despite me at the time,
not knowing what true love really was.

© DolorTheDaimone