The dusty snow of Christmas Eve
knocked the door of our home
little Santa in the cypress tree
welcoming with his shivery hands
Bells are making noise while fluttering
The reddish liquor of mom spreading the fragrance of ripe grapes
Every Christmas Eve dad came with plum rich delicious cakes
from the hill town pastry shop
this Eve he came with a surprise box
The younger Helena eagerly waited for the plum rich pastry
with a shore in her mouth
The darkness of night coloured with the snowy Eve, the glittering lights of stars enthusiastically waited for the ceremony
the wine in the jar is poured to glasses
dad took the box to the old Frozen desk
the smell of cake not roamed on the room
he slowly unwrapped the box ,
the little rabit with a teary ear
dreadfully looking around and weeping
little Helena smiled and hugged her dad
her mom poured water on the tiny rabbit, wrapped her wounds and nourished her with delicious deserts
little Helena named her rabbit little Agona, both were played beneath the cypress tree
the winter binded them with the chirstmas carols....
The Christmas came, came with the love of hearts