Paper Thrones
Paper thrones, so fragile and light
Yet they hold such power and might
They're crafted with care and precision
To rule over lands with a clear vision

Their delicate folds and intricate design
Reflect the majesty that they define
Each crease a symbol of their authority
A paper crown, a sign of their superiority

Paper thrones, they shine so bright
In the candlelight of a regal sight
Their soft edges a testament to their reign
A kingdom of paper, forever to sustain

But when the wind blows and the sky turns to grey
The paper thrones may simply blow away
Their fragility a reminder to all
That even the mightiest of reigns can fall

So let us cherish these paper thrones
A tribute to power, strength, and bones
And remember that even the most delicate of things
Can rule over kingdoms and become kings
© PheonixPierce