parallel world (inspired from Taylor Swift's song I hate it here)
When did my world get so gloomy?
I feel like I'm used and thrown
and happiness now feels unknown
now I'm dreaming of a parallel world
where I would actually be happy
surrounded by a good family
and friends who understand me
and I wonder if I could ever
escape this nightmare
into that world
cuz I actually hate it here
I was always a disappointment to my parents
and maybe in a parallel world
I'd be the perfect daughter
that they deserve
and the happiest friend
who lights up the mood
when everyone feels down
but for now
please bear with me
I might not be the person
you would expect me to be
I have more flaws than
your eyes could ever see
but I try to be more normal
like the person I used to be yes I'm trying
but till then please bear with me!

© poetforlife