Save own future 🙏✍️🌳🌏🏞
A beautiful noisy fountain
Is falling down from a hilly mountain..
Its loud voice makes us frightened when it's falling down from high ,
But at the time it touches the ground , It behaves like calm,quiet and sobber boy..
Its droplets showers us like rain,Its flowing water looks like milky white fountain..
Its soothing sound heals our busy and frustrated mind,
Along with that the bird's charping sound makes us calm and quiet..
When the rays of sun falls on its droplets of water, It behaves as rainbow of light,
Likewise its clear water dazzels like diamond when moon light falls on it at night..
In winter a lots of people are gathered for picnic at its shore,
They dump a large amount of wastes in its clear water..
And Soon Its pure water becomes grey,
Slowly slowly Its beauty begins to fade away..
The nature always nurtures us like our beloved mother,
But We,the selfish people always try to hurt her..
We throw plastic trashes everywhere,
For that the ground could not soak rain water..
With thin film of polythene, If anyone covers our face,
Can the water go to our mouth through this ?
Please don't throw garbages everywhere,
Otherwise we will be suffered a lot for pure air,food and water in near future..
Segregate separately both bio degradable and non bio degradable wastes in different dustbin,
Make our earth beautiful and clean...🌏🌏✍️💕

© Priyanjit 💜❤️147