There's this Boy!
There's this Boy!
Who smiles and sparkles the sky,
Whose eyes tell no lie,

I melt each time seeing his photographs,
I laugh each time he laughs,
I blushes off his flirty lines,
I look at him and my eyes shine.

He's now the lead hero in all my songs,
The muse to my poetry,
He's the topic of all my discussions,
The lucky withdraw of any lottery.

He talks like the sound of rain,
He brushes away all my pain,
He carry all my fears,
And I shed my love in the form of tears.

He is my biggest flex,
My reference to every story,
I fancy him in a way
that I shows him off like some glory.

He feels like Fresh Daisies,
Love in human form,
My heart skips a beat
Each time my smile rhymes with your...

© VanS