If only 😪
I'm walking by
Love dancing in the streets
Oh ! the jealousy that fills me
If only I could catch cupids love
But day by day
Love stays away
I'm trying to Love
But I'm insecure with the troubles that may come
The feeling of rejection and depression
Makes Love difficult to be my obsession
Oh! if only life was a bollywood movie
This life of mine would be so groovy
Valentines day came
But nothing has changed
They come every day with love in their arms
But something tells me to stay away
Arrgh! If only I was a Disney princess
True love's kiss would be my destination
But I guess I'll let it go like Elsa, because my love is rare and treasured
If only... If only
Snapping out from my imagination
But full of hesitation
Ready to start the day infront of me
Just a moody kid with bigger dreams
Waiting for true love to fill this desired plead

© unknown writer ♥️🎧