I approach this test
yellow vest'd
still coughing off this creeper
can't be more discreet (huh)
if I had a jack hammer
I couldn't dig no deeper
couldn't get no quieter
fucked up your sleeper
resting parts getting weaker
and it ain't much time speak of
who told the speaker of the house
of what to speak on
and fuck buts but what
to leave on out
took two best days
to go through invest ways
so it will be less waves
make niggas join the pave ment
meant to resent your descent
the linear man
walk round more holier than
knows others languages
and toes he will lend
even his woman
before he let his pockets get thin
assign his own blood to the pen
his love he won't lend
cause he done gave it away
said paved he can't stay
so before the dust it's a must
that he gone get away
order up D.B.S.
yes another deadbeat slut on the way

© Yaydylane