Longing for more
Write a poem about a time that your illusions of someone or something were shattered.

Words fail me right now,
I envisioned a sweet,strong,and healthy life with you.
You were all I had dreamed of, you carried all what I had imagined a perfect man would carry, you were so sweet, caring, and loving.
ohh how times fly, it's been two years now,but yet I don't know why that longing for you still lies in my heart.
I guess like you said I wasn't good enough for you,but I knew you were the one for me
I stood in front of that lake you and I normally visit to share sweet words to ourselves.
A place where you and I envisioned and planned our future, funny enough we even picked names for our kids.
Two hours have gone by since I stood here, As the wild waves of reality sets in, Tears roll down my eyes, but what can I say,that's the sad irony of life.

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