The Light
101:0.3 Religion, the conviction-faith of thepersonality, can always triumph over thesuperficially contradictory logic of despair born in the unbelieving material mind. There really is a true and genuine inner voice, that “true light which lights every man who comes into the world.” And this spirit leading is distinct from the ethical prompting of human conscience. The feeling of religious assurance is more than an emotional feeling. The assurance of religion transcends the reason of the mind, even the logic of philosophy. Religion is faith, trust, and assurance.

The Light
Another month has passed again.
Another comes, Fall’s ‘round the bend.
Cooler weather overall
But some warm days before it’s Fall.

It’s a day we can do much.
Potential’s there, work on your hunch.
Follow that which is the best.
Live a full life, nothing less.

Look out for that “other guy.”
Do what’s right, I don’t wonder why.
Let it be, and see results.
It’s good to foster our “adult”.

It helps to try to gather wisdom.
A wiser path gives you more freedom.
You are free, so use your thinking.
Place your bet on what you’re making.

Those who make the best of things
Make wiser choices with songs they sing.
They have determined a better road.
One can’t mistake the fact they’ve grown.

Growing up to be adult
Shows the meanings we exalt.
Yet, I bet we all agree
The truth shows true reality!

Thank You, Father, finding truth’s
A lifelong path that yields true fruit.
The fruits of life yield wise rewards.
When light is seen, we do walk towards.
Paul Anderson

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