Glass bars surround my heart as if they’re the harbingers of my emotions
Expression help captive, tears held in terracotta
Primed for the darkness of this world
This world in which we are merely insignificant
A blip in the sea that is time

Our lives flow like water on rocks
The reservoir being the ocean that is this universe
The mist in a thunderstorm
A drip in a full sink

Sat stuck on a speck of cosmic dust in which we reside
Even on that scale we still
We hate each other
Or at least that’s how it seems

Here contemplating who, what, when, where, and why we are
Staring into the speckled void that is space
Using giant bodies of plasma and radiation to guide our senses
Wondering what god or higher power put us here

Little do we know it may be possible
That someone is staring back at us through that same speckled void

© Rynne

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