Her Unconditional love
She fell for him, but he never knew, The depth of her love, so pure and true, Her heart beat faster every time he was near, But he never saw the love she held so dear.

She longed for his touch, his gentle embrace, But he remained oblivious, with no trace, Of the love that burned within her heart, A flame that refused to depart.

She tried to express her feelings, but to no avail, Her words were lost, like a ship in a gale, Her heart cried out, but he never heard, The unspoken words, like a caged bird.

She watched him from afar, with longing eyes, As he went about his life, without any guise, Of the love that waited for him so patiently, A love that would never falter, so ardently.

But time went by, and her love remained, Like a beacon, shining bright, yet restrained, But time goes by, and the love remains, Like a flame that flickers, but never wanes, As the heart holds on, to the love so true, But never will the words be spoken, it's just too taboo.

And so, the one-sided love continues to grow, Like a flower that

blooms, but never to show, The beauty that lies within, so pure,

A love that will forever endure.

For even though the love may never be confessed, It lives on, in the heart, forever impressed, And the one who loves, will always know, That their love, though unspoken, will forever glow.