New Beginning: Blooming From Within
I'm growing stronger, like a young tree,
Learning each day, happy as can be.
Friendships may take time, that's okay it seems,
There's so much to discover, like colorful dreams.

Life's an adventure, a treasure to find,
With kindness and laughter, to leave worries behind.
Joy may be waiting, just around the bend,
Open your heart, let happiness ascend.

A little shy, but with a smile so bright,
You were made special, a beautiful light.
Everyone's unique, that's what makes it true,
Shine like a star, there's so much to do!

Maybe there's stumbles, that's part of the climb,
But dreams are like wishes, waiting for their time.
Look in the mirror, with confidence bold,
You are loved, dear friend, a story untold.

Strong and helpful, with a heart warmth, lovely and true,
Your kindness can heal, it matters to you.
Share your bright spirit, like a ray of sunshine,
Every new day is a beautiful sign.

Speak up with courage, let your voice be heard,
There's magic within you, a beautiful word.
Loyal friends by your side, always there to stay,
Together you'll laugh, chase worries away.

Tears are like raindrops, washing troubles clean,
A brand new day dawns, a joyful scene.
Embrace every challenge, with a heart brave and strong,
You'll find your own happiness, where you truly belong.

Life's full of wonder, beauty in every part,
Play, love, and laugh, with all your heart.
Growing and learning, that's what makes it fun,
There's so much love waiting, for everyone!

So breathe in deeply, let worries take flight,
Believe in yourself, and fill your world with light.
Discover your passions, with a smile so wide,
This incredible journey, is all on your side!

The path may have twists, but you'll never be lost,
Hope is your compass, at any cost.
You are amazing, just the way you are,
Shine bright, dear friend, and reach for every star!
© ͲᏀㅤJᴇғғʀɪɴㅤ☯