Seven Names

In shadows of the mind,the shade unfolds,
Someone whispers, the tale it holds,
A kaleidoscope of an endless faces,
A journey through the labyrinth, in myriad spaces.

Each of me, is a chapter in my book,
Each one with a distinct and unique look,
They dance and sway, like leaves in the breeze,
Through this intricate maze, they aim to appease.

From the darkness to light, from chaos to peace,
My life's a canvas, where they find release,
A tapestry woven from threads of the past,
My seven spirits, a spell they cast.

They change my life, these fragments of self,
But within their presence, I find my hidden wealth,
For through the struggle, I learn to be strong,
In the symphony of selves, you truly belong.

Embrace the journey, up and lows
In my seven name, your strength it shows,
A story of resilience, a tale to be told,
In the mosaic of identities, your spirit unfolds.

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