why is it that your eyes are so tired
why is it that your eyes are so tired
and your mind is so sharp
are you scared that if you close your eyes
that it could stop your heart?

your eyes are tired
grounded like you
into your face they've sunk a long time ago
now the skin around the area has darkened mauve with wet demise
with disproportionate priorities and sagged
it seems like you're falling apart
and it seems like I need to ask

how is your mind so on point
it's like you're a ballet dancer
turning faster and faster
balancing your hopes and dreams on a single set of weeping toes
and into the bottom of the point shoe
your endurance soaks

I think little turner it's time to face the facts
I think that you're done for awhile with this little act
I think it's time you got a little rest
let those tired eyes close
for you'll be safe here on my chest
you've had enough time to lothe
© angel_ap