Listening When Others Need Help...
Under a cloud of low mood
I laugh and skip a lively tune
My head is reeling from the strain
That every day problems oppress my brain
And all the time I try to smile
With tear filled eyes that need to shed these tears
for a while
The happiest me is becoming quoshed
My poor brain is heavy and squashed
The light inside is there I know
My brain however
has lost it's glow
This once organised me
Is in a tis for all too see
And I am betwixt bemused and stunned
That dealing with people has left me bummed
Akin to finding that today
I haven't been speaking English in my way
I must be speaking in Mandarin
Which certain individuals seem to be lacking in
But then I realised what is to blame
Emails and messages aren't the same
Meetings that are face to face
Are much better to state your place
To try and be understood
When speaking clearly as I do
Has made me wonder if it's me or you
But upon reflection I have to say
Certain individuals aren't listening anyway
And only hear what they thought you said
Or are on the defence instead
Others aren't helpful at all
Cause it doesn't aid them or profit them
Others listen saying their thing
Then promptly do the opposite
Which makes me wonder
Are they shallow or thick
My head now hurting from hitting brick

© By me,Lou