me, parasite
a creature sits in my body,
it hides behind my skin.
digesting me bit by bit,
until i am suitably thin.

a creature lives in my body,
wearing my face and eyes.
it sows seeds of fear and hate,
pumping me full of lies.

a creature lies in my body,
there’s not enough room in here.
i shrink so that it can grow,
it grows so i disappear.

a creature writhes in my body,
it has made a home inside.
weaving our thoughts together,
never to come untied.

a creature resides in my body,
moving my mouth and limbs.
my body may be slowing,
but its words come out as hymns.

a creature hides in my body,
it wants what’s best for us.
speaking for me it groans,
“there’s no one that we can trust”.

a creature sits in my body,
it wasn’t there before.
feeding on tendrils of life,
until i’m not me anymore.

© ailsey