the shift lol
im working hard on the shift
drank many beers before I worked
my biggest fear right now
is this feeling leaving me

I hate to feel like shit
though I do it to myself
bathroom breaks to write these poems
that I'd never show my friends

I don't care how many likes
I get I know I am a genius
I want to be humble and good
not a brat who wants attention

I still think about how
people view me when I make decisions
a couple shrooms or acid
won't help me become more selfless

really what I need
is to be sober and reflect
I doubt that will happen
any time soon

im writing without thinking
I always love it when I'm drinking
but I do love going further more
and I do not care if ur a whore

come hereshorty
I'm crazy drunk
need to get back to work
not type all this crazy stuff
good day
© speed