I Slow Walk
Everyone is running.
I slow walk to my moon.
Running people don't know.
They don't watch.
They don't listen.
They don't smell.
They don't feel.
They only see their medal and the finish line.
They listen to the howling wind and the roisterous cheers.
They smell only their sweat and the minerals in their drinks.
They feel only their adrenaline rush to their head and toes through knees.
They don't know how for a second the world and its density
Can overwhelm you with its silent presence.
I slow walk.
I watch people smiling in the cheer and crying in tears.
I listen to them talk their hearts and call my name Love.
I smell flowers, sand, coal and the ocean.
I feel the breeze caressing me all over
And the all my hormones at chronic war.
I know that the world might overwhelm me
But I'm never lost in the track panting for my breath.
I slow walk to my moon.