Take me to the lands far away and set me free
Many you have taken away and now they are free
Come now, take me too, tiny little boat
This life has shown me enough
This moment is ripe, the seas are rough
I can already taste the saltiness of freedom
I will be free. Come take me.

I have lived my life amid torture and pain
The sights of death have driven me insane
Now I wish to leave and never return
Sail me to the horizon then
Sail me beyond the edge of hope
And once I fade into the far away seas
I will let go of the rope
The rope that holds me close to my dears
My family, my home, all my fears
I will be free. Come take me.

I know my hands are small, my body weak
But my spirit is strong
And the ride is long
And on my lips, my mother's song
A song of sadness, a song of longing
A song that she took to her grave
Her only memory that makes me brave
It all ends when I hit the waves
Then I will be happy like never before
When my body washes up to the shore
I will be free. Come take me.

© raaifshah