Block 2371: Massacre of the Tents
Have you seen the new air drop?
They came out with beheaded babies.
No, I don't mean a new fad of get rich
quick monkey themed NFTs.

I mean real beheaded babies with charred
limp limbs, dangling from their fathers' arms,
and real missiles dropped in the safe zone.

Or maybe it is a non-fungible drop, images of shrapnel dotted children for us to tokenize
and trade, commodities for us to exchange,
immutable in the chains, verifiable provenance
to see who's bought and who's shared and who's
the killer behind the snares.

And their lives land in our wallets,
digital trinkets of appreciation for long time
supporters of aparthied and occupation.

God's Law is absolute and His ledgers
never fail. His scribes are forever writing and
His network suffers no congestion, no gas
the oppressed need to pay to have their woes
transcribed and their prayers verified and accepted.

So bring out the burnt babies and the ashes
of your children. Scatter them in graves that too will be bombed for no trace of the sons
and daughters of Isma'il should remain in
the land of their forefathers; God almighty is witness to all transgression and genocide, and suffices He a witness and saviour.

© Walyullah